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Rin's Sweet Shop

come satisfy your cravings

1 January
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  • rubicons_closet@livejournal.com
This is a selling journal. I will be listing closet cleaning items, normally of Goth, Lolita, Punk, Anime, Manga variety. I also have some casual clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. Everything will be either new or in good used condition and clean and will be described as such. Everything is in storage away from animals and smoke. Buyer pays all shipping and other fees.

I also run a personal shopping service for the Toys n Joys shop as I can ship out much more cheaply. I can do a shopping service for Hawaii items, So Good Jewelry, and the Q-pot as well. Both So Good Jewelry and Q-pot are lolita stores, though the website for So Good Jewelry doesn't show even a fraction of their items. They carry a lot of Alice in Wonderland and princess theme items while Q-pot carries sweet lolita confectionary jewelry. Our store has special designs as well like shaved ice and rainbows. Standard shopping service fee is 15% commission + 5% tax. Buyer pays all shipping. I can also purchase almost any Japanese, Chinese, or Korean snack food [such as Pocky or Hello Panda or Apollo chocolates] and drinks [Calpico, Ramune, etc], stationery, military surplus and tactical gear, fabric, and anything else sold exclusively in Hawaii.

I also do group orders or direct orders from almost any online shop in Japan. Prices may vary depending on shop.

I will also act as a proxy buyer for online shops and auctions for those in need of a Paypal or credit card to purchase.

Payments accepted as Paypal, bank/wire transfer, money order, cashier's cheque, or well-disguised cash at your own risk. Paypal payments must be sent as personal/gift or buyer covers the fee. Bank/wire transfer, cashier's cheque, or money order fees covered by buyer.

If you have good feedback and/or I have done business with you before or have a deep abiding trust in you for whatever reason, I can work on a payment plan, holding the items until everything is paid up. If it's an ordering or shopping service situation, I request at least 50%-75% before placing an item on hold.

Feel free to email or PM me with any questions you might have.