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Overflow Post : Cosplay and Everything Else

*Updated :: 2014.11.19*
.:Cosplay, Accessories, and Other Miscellany:.

REMINDER :: Please remember to read my rules and policies s I will hold you to them, even if you choose not to.

.:Other Accessories and Collectibles:.

Purple Kanji Wakufin x11 :: ¥1000 each
Green Cloud Wakufin x2:: ¥1000 each
Purple Swirl Wakufin x 3:: ¥1000 each
13in x 18in, 100% cotton, traditional handkerchief for bento

Green 2-compartment Bento Box :: $15 shipped
Blue 2-compartment Bento Box :: $15 shipped
Stainless steel insert, plastic outside
Both new in shrink wrap, from Korea
5in x 3.5in x 2in
13cm x 9cm x 5cm

Blue Special Meal Chips :: 50 cents for lot

5" Betty Boop Notebook :: $2.50

Pins and Stuff

I Bite 1" Pin :: $1
Bead Earrings :: $2 [new, handmade]

Alkaline Trio and Fallout Boy Pins :: $0.75  each
1" each
SOLD: FOB blue logo, FOB green logo

Alkaline Trio and Fallout Boy Pins :: $0.75 each
SOLD: Alkaline Trio Runaway, Alkaline Trio Dead Heart, FOB bunny

Panda Pins :: $0.50 each
All new in package but some show age discolouration
SOLD: angel, devil

USAF Predator Drone Pin :: $2.50
Wingspan :: 2 inches
Body :: 1 inch
New in package. Multiple available.

Small Label Pins :: $1.50 each
Size :: 2 inches | 4.5 cm

Big Label Pins :: $2 each
Size :: 2.5 inches | 6cm
Mint condition. There are multiples.

Music Pins :: 25 cents each

Magnet Pins
1 inch pins with magnet backing. Magnets can be removed and replaced with pin backs
All are new. Price is $2 for the first one and $1.50 for every one after.

SOLD: Who says I want to fit in?

SOLD: Voted most likely to piss and moan all the way to the grave

Anime Pins: $5 3" pin, $2 each 1" pin

Doff Your Hat
All hats are new unless otherwise noted.

x x
Sierra Club John Muir Discoverer's Hat :: $15 shipped
New with a stain on inside brim, not visible when worn

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Hat with Collectible Baseball Pins :: $5

Camo Cadet Hat :: $5

Army Green Cadet Hat :: $5

Newsboy Cap :: $3
Has been worn and washed

Irish Tam :: $20

Adeline Cadet Cap :: $35

Cappy Cap :: $10

Chinese Laborer Cap :: $10

x x
Snakes on the Plane Cadet Cap :: $10
Has been washed

Braided Captain's Cap :: $9

Dirtbag Cadet Cap :: $5
has been washed

Boyfriend Trucker Hat :: $15

Japanese Camo Bucket Hat : $15
Size F

Japanese Beige Bucket Hat :: $15

Silky Kerchief Pony Holders :: $10 each

Kei and Cosplay Accessories

50p a foot

Geisha Hair Chopsticks :: $3

Visual Kei/Gothic Bondage Wrist Cuff :: $30
New and never worn, from Japan

Korean Artifact Dust Gloves :: $7
Fits up to M-L, no larger than L

x x
Butler Gloves: $5 each
Used, some have stains

Angel Pretty Lace Neck Tie: $15

Halloween Rings :: $6 or $0.50 each

Spike Studded Leather  Collar :: $15 shipped
Heavy, real leather about 20" long

Hot Topic Bullet Belt: $40
Size 42, new, veggie leather

Heavy Leather Studs Belt: $25
40" long, gently used, real leather

Sepultura Patch :: $3 shipped
Was pinned at corners, shows little wear

Leather Celtic Seal Pouch :: $15 shipped
Well worn look and can hold a lot of little things
Great for a LARP cosplay

Tongue/Lip/Ear/Belly Button Bars 14g(?)
Green Crystal Embed :: $1
Dope Silver and Black Ball :: $1
Red and Clear Ball :: $1

[white domino] [silver domino] [hard domino side] [black domino 2] [white domino 2]

Plaster Hard-form Dominos :: $12
Soft-form Fabric Dominos :: $10
All are new and fully customizable/alterable.
Basic decoration is on the form, but easily stripped.
Hard-form dominos have sateen ribbons
Soft-form dominos have elastic but can be changed to ribbon
Same as RAINBOW's PV

Naruto Shippuden Hitaiate: $18
Itachi/Sasuke Hitaiate: $14
Sakura/Lee Hitaiate: $14

$25 shipped each

Plastic Rosary: $5

Pleather Skirt: $25
Size 7

Morbid Spider Wristbands: $15

Black Bridal Veil: $15
Attached to a rose studded headband

Wristcuff: $15
Patch: $15 eac

x x x

x x x x
Skull Riding Crop: $35
New, has been stored and shows some signs of storage

Fanplusfriend Rectangle Headdress: $13 shipped each
Both new, pink is a little more peach colored

x x x x x x x
Lolita Headbands: $5 each



x x
Fanplusfriend Gloves: $13 each

x x
Fanplusfriend Gloves: $13

x x
Fanplusfriend Gloves: $15

wa loli set
Wa-Loli Set: $60
Worn once, seamstress made
Waist 24-25", skirt has zipper and velcro closure
Top is free sized

Live Fast and Dye Your Hair

Manic Panic UV Reactive Electro-Pink Temporary Dye: $2 each or $6 for both
Both new

Color Fiend Bitchin' Blue (1/2) :: $4
Color Fiend Pink Pop (New) :: $10
Deep Plum Semi-Permanent Gel Dye (used 1x): $6

Fluorescent Pink Hair Spray Color :: $1
Never tried

Passionate Pink Temporary Color :: $9
Glamorous Gold Temporary Color :: $9
Both are new, both for $20 + extras

Pig-tailed Red and Black Devil Horn Wig :: $4
Needs combing, is new

UV reactive candy pink dread falls: $50
Heat sealed, 1 ponyfall set, no ribbon or elastic

B/P candy dread falls: $60
1 pony fall set, heat sealed, no elastic/ribbon
Pink is UV reactive hot pink

Dark Brown Highlighted Weave: $40
Real feeling hair, total length of weave is about 30"
Hair length is about 8"+
New condition

x x
Gold Kamen Rider/Kikaida 35mm Camera: $250 OBO
Super rare mint condition in original mint box with accessory view finder tabs.

Cameras accumulated must go. All sold "as is". Feel free to make offers. Prices include shipping.

i-Ecko 2GB Jump Drive w/ Lanyard :: $7
PVC Blue Gummy Ear Buds :: $5
Both new and never opened

Stereo Earbuds, Brain Acid Design :: $12

Retro Martini Clock :: $5

.:Everything Else:.

Nordic Rune Stones :: $4

3-25 Aviation Squad: Hammerheads, Hawaii Station Bar Glass x5 :: $5

$1 each, $1.50 for two shipped
ose Temporary Tattoo #1
Rose Temporary Tattoo #2

Squeezable Stress Frog :: $1 [x3]

Fish Squeeze :: $1

2" Mario Red Mushroom :: $5
Plain false nails, 120 count, new unopened box

Small Gilt angel with tree in crystal ball, 2 inches tall :: $2
New in box, great for a Victorian EGL dresser or armoire. I have 2, one not in box.

10 inch high candle stand with glass shade :: $4
gently used, some paint missing on some parts for a nice vintage look

Projector Lamps
Showbiz Quartzline Halogen Lamp :: $5
Eiko Halogen Lamp :: $1
Hyebec Halogen Lamp :: $1

Darwin Trumps Game :: $1

Framed Calligraphy Sheets :: $6 for all
Approximately 8"x8"

Palm Tree Bottle Opener :: $3
New, there are many
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Wing Zero Wallscroll :: $10
SUPER GRADE cloth, new
80cm x 108cm
Number :: Z173

200ISO Color Film x8 :: $1 each or $25 shipped for all
These are expired but should still be good and haven't been exposed to heat or light.

Slippers Luggage Tag :: $1.50 each [4x]

First Timer Badge Tag :: $1 [5x]
International Visitor Badge Tag :: $1 [2x]

$20 shipped

Rock Lee Coaster :: $8 shipped US/Canada, $10 international
Haruno Sakura Coaster :: $8 shipped US/Canada, $10 international

Umino Iruka Mousepad: $15
Haruno Sakura Mousepad: $15

Hello Kitty Crocs Plug :: $8 each shipped US/Canada, $10 each shipped international

iDevil iTouch skin: $12

Glass Fish Coasters: $15
Set of 4, new

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