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Fulfill My Dreams

These are things I'm looking for and might consider buying or trading for. I reserve the right to turn down a trade request. These do not apply towards shopping service requests, but you can always ask.

If there is something you want to offer that's not on the list, don't be afraid to mention it. Surprise me.
For trading, you send first. Also, provide at least one feedback location.

Wish List
Anime/Manga ::[Naruto] Kakashi x Iruka Doujinshi and anything else
Anime/Manga : [One Piece] I'll look at anything, doujinshi included
Anime/Manga : [Durarara!!/Drrr!!] I'll look at anything, doujinshi included

Anime/Manga : [Other Series] It would depend on what you're offering. I like binsen, shijitaki and pretty art things, but might not be as willing to trade.
Other : B5 protective envelopes

Other : Artbooks
Other : Gothic & Lolita Bibles, Kera, Gosurori, Cure, amigurumi books, Petit Comic/jousei comics, Asuka/BeBoy/yaoi comics, etc
Other : Wacom Intuos4 L/XL drawing tablet or Wacom Cintiq
Clothes and Accessories : Steampunk [anything], gears and watch parts or pocket watches in general, Victorian fashion
Clothes and Accessories : Lolita [any style is okay, brand and offbrand], Surface Spell/HMHM castle/chandelier jsk [looking] or other castle print skirt/jsk, Moi Meme Moitie, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Innocent World, Angelic Pretty, Atelier Pierrot, Lief, Alice and the Pirates, Juliette et Justine, etc. Check below.
Clothes and Accessories : Visual Kei styles [Putumayo, Peace Now!, h.Naoto/h.Channel/h.Frill/h.anything, etc]

Clothes and Accessories : Asian brands
Clothes and Accessories : Lip Service [ex. Psycho Circus, Blacklist, Stitch in Time, and Quoth the Raven especially] or other related brand styles, [ex. h.Naoto, Peace Now!, etc.]  some corsets may apply
Clothes and Accessories : Rockabilly and rave fashion
Clothes and Accessories : Steampunk or Lolita shoes and boots (ex. granny boots, tea parties, rocking horse, bordello, gaiter-tops)
Clothes and Accessories : Hats (especially miniature ones), crowns and fascinators, goggles or loupe-style transitional Steampunk goggles. Also may consider techno/rave headgear, falls and masks or eyepatches
Clothes and Accessories :: osplay considered (esp. military theme, ex. DOLLS, Togainu no Chi, etc)
Music :
over-the-ear headphones [rex. Skullcandy, Beats, etc] I don't use these much so this is low on the list
Makeup :: eyeshadow] gold, bright/baby pink, bright green, bright purple, bright yellows more preferred [also rarely wear this so low on the list], false eye lashes or feather lashes, nail polish

Clothing Examples (Photos)
Visual Kei
Fairy Kei
Mori Kei
Dolly kei

Steampunk/Clockwork clothing and accessories
Cardsuit/Alice in Wonderland

Sunny/Outdoor/Food prints
Pirate/Marine prints
Military styles
Regimental Stripes
Chess Pieces
Circus/Carousel/Animal Prints
Gothic/Chandelier/Stained Glass/Angel/Cathedral Prints
Painting/Painted Looking Prints
Fairytale Prints
Castle and Sky Prints


Jsk's, long sleeved op's, Chiffon/Georgette/Organdy blouses
Classic/Country/Gothic Styles
Mori/Dolly (Cult Party) Kei
OTT sweet
EGA, pirate
Boots, platform shoes and tea parties
Victorian and Steampunk style bags, trunk bags
Detachable sleeves with hime-style flared sleeves and gathered sleeves
Chiffon/organza/organdy petticoats (Classical Puppets style), long petticoats (Metamorphose style)

Other items: corsets (size 24-26), cage skirts, petticoats, bloomer trousers and high waist trousers, high collar vests, parkas/capes/coats, massive hoods
Petticoats with mega poof or a nice full never-die shape, or long organdy/chiffon, bell shaped with moderate poof
Detachable sleeves in any color, primarily flared sleeves or princess sleeves
Fabrics: jacquard, chiffon, pearskin, and georgette, burberry, lace details
Shoes that fit 9/9.5US (25.5-26/LL/3L), boots that fit 9-10 (25.5/26/LL/3L) or 40-42EU
Styles: tea parties, rocking horse platforms, Victorian/granny boots, AATP/Btssb shoes/boots in LL, IW/VM shoes/boots in LL

Favorite Brands
Alice and the Pirates / Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Moi Meme Moitie (size 2 or 3)
Metamorphose temps de fille
Innocent World
Atelier Boz
Peace Now/Black Peace Now
Atelier Pierrot
Mary Magdalene
Victorian Maiden
Juliette et Justine (size 2)
Jane Marple
Krad Lanrete
Liz Lisa
Laguna Moon
Na + H
Angelic Pretty
Antique Beast
Takuya Angel (kimono items mostly)
Lip Service
Heavy Red
Steampunk Couture
Surface Spell
Rose Melody
Enchantic Enchantilly
Peace Now!/Black Peace Now
Iron Fist
Abbey Dawn

Spin Doctor

Most interested in
AATP Queen's Coach, Sleeping Beauty, Vampire Requiem, Stained Glass/Seraphim, Horoscope, Twilight Circus, anything else
BTSSB Red Riding Hood, Operetta, Odette, Shooting Star Ala Mode OP, Primavera Waltz OP, Hoshi no Namida OP, Queen's Coach OP/JSK, Twilight Circus, Labyrinth, Traumerai of the Stars, Arietta JSK, Tea Time, Clock Rabbit Salopette and Pouchette, seraphim, the steampunk releases (anything chiffon or with lots of hem frills) embroidered/applique skirts/jsks
Lief - Sacred Night JSK (white version more preferred, but I'd be interested in any as M), Gardenberry, Regimental Stripe OP
Yolanda Military cape/skirt set
HMHM military button items (jsk/skirt/etc), Chandelier JSK
Surface Spell - Fairy OP, Judgement Day,
Rose Melody - Cathedral Coat, Rosa Crucifix, Rose of Swan Lake, Merry-Go-Round
Infanta - Privilege & Thorn Vest Style JSK,

Chantilly - Carousel OP, Secret Castle OP
Atelier Boz/Lapin Agill -
Atelier Pierrot - corset skirt or corset bustier, printed dress
Axes Femme - Castlery 2-way jsk/skirt
Juliette et Justine - anything (especially a painted dress or robe) - Size 2, library jsk, Jet x GLB circus collab set, carnival collab set, red riding hood, Feerie, Fee dune Fleur
Victorian Maiden - chiffon jsks/ops
Mary Magdelene - jsks, Whyteleafe OP in milky mint
Innocent World - Victoria Tiered Dress (Gosick Collaboration), IW x Alphonse Mucha skirt, Rose Ribbon Embroidery JSK,
blouses size L or M
Moi Meme Moitie ~ Holy Queen, Cathedrale (Black x Gold Sendai release), Sleeping Garden, Lace Embroidery JSK, Ruins Cathedral, Hymn, Divine Cross or anything else (Size 2 or 3)
Emily Temple Cute - Melty Mermaid OP in Mint
Jane Marple - Highlands JSK in blue
Metamorphose - military and classic styles or fairytale prints (Dim Lights, Caped Coat)
Haneuli - Stained Glass
Angelic Pretty - Fairy Doll, Day Dream Carnival, Chess Chocolate, Toy Parade, Holy Queen, Wonder Queen in wine, Dream Sky OP in navy (or other), Royal Unicorn in ivory, Melty Chocolate Princess OP, Moon Night Theater, Day Dream Carnival

Baroque: Stained Glass, Flowers Set

My measurements are as follows
Bust: 34-35 inch, 89-91cm
Waist: 27-28 inch, 69-72cm
Hip: 34-35 inch, 89-91cm
Shoulder to under bust: 14.25 inch, 36.5cm
Shoulder Width: 17 inches, 43cm
Shoe: 25.5-26, LL/3L, 39-41EU, 9-9.5US (may fit 10)
May fit size LL in AATP/BTSSB,
Metamorphose, Innocent World, 3L An*ten*a/An*tai*na



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Aug. 3rd, 2012 01:50 pm (UTC)
Would you be interested in anything here?
Aug. 4th, 2012 07:06 am (UTC)
Re: Offer?
Are you looking to trade or to sell?
Aug. 5th, 2012 06:51 am (UTC)
Re: Offer?
Mainly looking to sell~
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